DCS Blog List

Below is a list of all my blogs for each week of my Digital Communications Strategies unit at Bournemouth University. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them and thank you to all those who have subscribed. Please feel free to leave feedback and comments as your opinions will help me to write better posts in the future.

The numbers running down the left correspond to each week we have been writing this blog for. Some weeks may contain more than one post as I decided to explore and develop my research findings in more detail to more adequately investigate the issues which I have found to be the most interesting. For a full list of all of my blog posts, please have a look through the archives.

Week 1
– Oscars 2011

Week 2
Life in a Day – Social Media Crowd-Sourcing

Week 3
Nowhere-Somewhere (Pt.1): The Hybridisation of Reality and Cyberspace
Nowhere Somewhere (Pt.2): How the Internet has Changed the way we Maintain Relationships 

Week 4
Proximity Marketing: Too Close for Comfort?

Week 5
Seamless Branding: Hemming the Edges of a well-knit Brand

Week 6
Product Placement is Finger Lickin’ Good

Week 7
Data Mining and the Targeting Paradox

Week 8
Digital Activism (Pt.1) – “The Students are Revolting!”
Digital Activism (Pt.2) –  A Simple, Emotionless Click

Week 9
– Digital Ethics

Final Essay
– Anti-Social Media 


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