I am an Apple fan-boy. I’m also an advertising student and a great lover of beautiful words. Because of this, I’ve posted many blogs on the work Apple has done in the advertising and marketing industry over the years and will continue to do so, hopefully, for a long time to come.

Please find a selection of my posts on Apple below:

New iPad 2 Advert
– Apple create some wonderfully wondered adverts that delve into nostalgia and tug on the ol’ heartstrings but sometimes their sweetness turns quite sickly. This post looks at the lovely new iPad 2 advert from Apple and compares its tenderness to the arrogance apparent in the latest iPhone ads.

Apple and the Golden Ratio

– Apple have some of the best looking and most beautifully designed electronics products in the world. They have been known to use the Golden Ratio extensively in their design work and this post takes a look at a few of these constructs.

The Beautiful Words of Apple
– Apple produces some truly beautiful copy for their advertisements and this post explores the luscious language the Cupertino-based electronics manufacturer uses to entice their audience.

Digital Ethics
– Facebook is criticised for holding too much personal data about us and, at the time of posting, the iPhone 4 was found to be carrying data about where users where in the world – tracking their every move. Is this ethical and what can we do about it?

Seamless Branding: Hemming the edges of a well-knit brand
– Seamless brands, such as Apple, work from the inside out ensuring that all facets of their marketing model expose the same brand identity. All of Apple’s communications are intrinsically linked through its core brand values of design and innovation, ease and simplicity as well as quality and ingenuity. How are Apple doing this exactly and which other brands adopt a similar approach?

Proximity Marketing: Too Close for Comfort?
– I believe that technology is converging with reality to create a hybrid form but, in many instance, with this ever-growing integration comes the sacrifice of our personal data and security. People share more online and consequently leave themselves open to proximity marketing where brands can target users depending on their interests and location. I investigate more about this issue and see if it really is as big and scary as certain people are making it out to be.

Nowhere-Somewhere (Pt 2): How the Internet has Changed the way we Maintain Relationships
– In this post, I argue that technology and the internet has aided the way we maintain relationships rather than replace or consume them – extracting the emotion and replacing it with wires. Apple’s new feature, FaceTime, is an example of how we can technology is changing the way we maintain these relationships.

iPhone 4 is Sold Out
– Due to phenomenal demand, the iPhone 4 sold out almost instantly on its first day. But how is this also benefiting the marketing of this latest piece of tech?

Ahead of the TIME
– Is the new app for TIME Magazine, the way we will be reading publications in the future? With the integration of better features such as video and sound, articles can come alive and there is also tremendous creative opportunity for advertisers. Read on to find out more!

Durex: iPhone App
– This latest creative piece of marketing for Durex condoms is brilliantly imaginative yet heavily disturbing at the same time. Is this a good use of innovative technology or just creative masturbation on the part of the creative team?

iCame, iSaw, iPad
– Shortly after the iPad was released it was already shaping the future of technology and the way we interact it. Our relationship with this kind of innovative, electronic device is epitomised by the invention of the iPad. Read more to find out how and why the initial iPad launch was so successful.

iPad’s new Ad
– Shortly after Apple’s iPad was released, the company put out an advert explaining what an ‘iPad’ was exactly. Linguistically, it’s beautiful. I have a passion for words and the way they thread through this 30 second spot is brilliant – matching the visuals in a way that only Apple can really do.

Argos it
– Argos have released a new iPad app which was being promoted by a new TV advert after a brand reassessment. The realignment proved to be really successful and Argos benefitted tremendously out of it’s latest tagline: ‘Find it. Get it. Argos it.’


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