Nice things people have said

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some very smart, very lovely people. Who take bribes. Here’s a few nice things people have said about me under duress:

As an intern and junior strategist as LSU, Paul was diligent, conscientious and hard working. He was always willing to go the extra mile and would tackle each and every challenge with a combination of energy and good humour. I enjoyed working with Paul a lot and would recommend him to any agency seeking a curious and creative mind.

Matt Boffey
Partner, London Strategy Unit

Paul joined LSU initially as an intern, and made such a good impression that we promptly offered him a permanent role. He had – and has – loads of potential, and is one of the most hard-working, energetic, and committed juniors I’ve encountered. Paul also manages that rarest of feats: balancing a genuine passion for advertising and marketing with an ability to take it, and himself, not too seriously. In short, he’s a great guy to have around, and will be an asset to any creatively-led business.

Phil Lewis
Partner, London Strategy Unit

Paul was recommended to us by one of his lecturers who rated him one of the brightest they’d ever had. We weren’t disappointed. Despite M.i. being his first spell in a media agency he was able to make a valuable contribution pretty much from Day 1. We invited him back when he finished his degree but he chose a career in Account Planning instead. So not completely flawless! He’s a great asset and a lovely chap too.

Clive Howse
Managing Director, M.i. Media (ex-MD of MediaCom)

Drive and intelligence are the two qualities I look for in a potential planner. Paul has bucket loads of both. I would welcome Paul back to STEEL as an intern or as an employee, anytime.

Nick Benett
Head of Digital, Strategic Creative Director and Managing Partner, STEEL

I have a feeling that at some point in the future I will be dropping Paul’s name into conversations. Paul has been great to work with. Firstly his attitude, enthusiasm and knowledge fitted perfectly within the lively and busy dynamic of an agency. He is proactive and responsible and I found myself easily delegating a project to him which he managed with very little guidance and supervision. In fact, I learned from him and he delivered above what was expected. I look forward to seeing what he achieves in his career and hope to work with him again. He is a reminder that the future ad men in our industry are digitally savvy, creative, strategic thinkers.

Helen Gawor
Digital Strategy Consultant, Connect Insight

Paul has an excellent understanding of the digital industry and a very commendable work ethic. He was a great help to the Client Services team and amongst other things produced some very thorough and in depth research pieces. I would certainly employ Paul once he has finished his degree course; he would be a great asset to the team here at STEEL.

Nicky Applegarth
Commercial Director, STEEL

During his time with the company, Paul was a real asset to M.i. Media. Within days of joining on his internship he was providing thoughful and insightful work that made a genuine difference to our existing clients and new business pitches. He’d be a valuable team member for any creative agency.

Gerry Murray
Business Director, M.i. Media 

Paul had shown a key interest in the Creative Enterprise Bureau, offering his fantastic photographic skills ahead of joining us to work on client work during his final year of study at Bournemouth University. He was an obvious choice for trusting with on-going projects for a developing client relationship.

Liam Toms
Manager, Creative Enterprise Bureau Manager at Bournemouth University

He’s a lovely, lovely boy! He was a lovely little boy and now he’s a lovely big boy! I don’t know what he does exactly, but he’s works bloody hard and everyone seems to think he’s good at it. Either way, I’m proud of him.

Mary Martin
Teaching Assistant and Paul’s Mum