Blowing my 9-inch trumpet

People in advertising and media love talking about how great they are. I find this both difficult and awkward. So, instead of conceited assertions, here are some links and things to build a case for my own worth.

•  1st Prize Winner of the EACA / IAB AdVenture competition – (Info)
• Gold APG Young Talent Award – (Info)
• Online Industry Columnist for New Media Age 2010 – 2012 – (Info)
• Civic Award Winner 2009 – Outstanding Achievement – (Info)
• D&AD Representative 2010 – 2012 – (Info)
• Fully ASA-qualified swimming teacher with over 3 years experience teaching children 4+ – (Info)
• Writer, photographer and promoter for my school, college and University magazines – (Info)
• Part of a 2012 advertising exchange experience to Buenos Aires, Argentina travelling the country and visiting agencies – (Info)
• Student President and Governor at Woking College 2008 – (Info)
• Associate Member of the Creative Enterprise Bureau (Bournemouth University’s in-house communications agency) – (Info)
• Peer Assisted Learning Leader at Bournemouth University – (Info)
• Deputy Head Boy at The Winston Churchill School
• Have won a couple of awards – including national competitions – for short films I’ve written, directed, shot and edited
• Proficient knowledge of all iLife and Microsoft Office Programmes (inc. Keynote, PowerPoint, Excel and all that)
• Guitarist of over 9 years having taught informally, recorded professionally and ‘gigged’ ill-advisedly