Widerøe ‘Grandpa’s Magic Trick’ by McCann, Oslo

This advert is so wonderfully charming I thought it deserved an airing on here to brighten the place up. Take a look at the spot below for Widerøe, an award-winning regional airline in Norway who are promoting the frequency of their flights all over the country.

From their website, Widerøe state:

“We fly to over 40 destinations in Norway, from Kristiansand in the south to Kirkenes in the north, with 400 daily departures. Good to know next time you are traveling – whether it’s with work or you’re visiting someone.”

Obviously the above has been translated to English so looses a certain degree of its natural, human beauty but you get the idea. Instead of (explicitly) detailing how the company is still environmentally conscious, despite the frequent number of flights they run, the film captures the magic of flying we all felt on our first trip and packages it in a loveable guessing-game between a the grandfather, his grandson and us – the audience. Lovely!

Agency: McCann, Oslo
Client: Widerøe Airlines
Copywriter: Stein Simonsen
Art director: Torstein Greni
Agency producer: Beril Holte Rasmussen
Account director: Janne Espevalen
Project manager: Camilla von Borcke
Planner: Svein Sælid
Production Company: 4 ½
Director: Marius Holst
Director of Photography: John Andreas Andersen
Producer: Magnus Castracane
Editing and Post Production Company: Storyline
Soundtrack: “Youth” by Daughter


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