Baileys ‘Cream With Spirit’ by BBH London

This brand-spanking, lip-smacking new ad for Baileys from BBH London is all kinds of glorious and will be airing tonight during the first episode of the new season of ‘Homeland’ on Channel 4. The TV work will be supported by cinema (appropriately), outdoor and digital. Seeing this film on the big screen would be a delight and viewing the 90-second spot in its entirety is not to be missed so, if you’re not tuning into the return of ‘Homeland’ tonight, check out the advert below.

Campaign states that the work, which will be used globally, is “inspired by the 30s films of the Hollywood director Busby Berkeley, renowned for his ability to turn dancers into human kaleidoscopes”. Berkeley’s most famous works are arguably “Varsity Show” and “Gold Diggers of 1935” for which he was the lead choreographer. The choreographer for this spot was Michael Rooney, son of the US actor Mickey Rooney with the soundtrack ‘Rapture’ by Blondie giving the advert a cool chic that tops it off nicely.

Whilst the TV ad is beautiful and also wonderfully thoughtful, I can’t say I’m as taken with the print advertisements from the same campaign (below). It would have been cleaner to carry across the same powerful aesthetic and artistry of the TV spot into the print and digital campaign instead of purely draining off of the same campaign line and using a different visual motif.

Further, the copy doesn’t sit right. Baileys has always been a woman’s drink and marketed as such but the proposition ‘Cream With Spirit’ is so wonderful that it’s a shame to see it squandered so needlessly with the print aspect of the campaign. BBH could have easily used the print ads to reinforce the artistry of the TV spot and position the brand as a beacon of celebration for modern womanhood.

Branding Magazine editor, Katrina Radic, has a similarly interesting (but better articulated) point of view regarding the aforementioned print ads. Here she states that the ads make a bigger point of…

“…degrading woman instead of celebrating them. If woman in today’s (still mainly men’s) world actually are witty, beautiful and strong, Baileys telling them to be the same is pointlessly contradictory. In other words, the campaign tells us very clearly that woman are everything but what Bailey’s celebrates them for, by telling them what they supposedly should be. For example, in the second photo from above, the ad basically says that women don’t have a mind.

Therefore, this is not a celebration of women, is it? It’s more of a retrospect of what societies ‘perfect woman’ should be, and – here comes the interesting part – what a woman might become when drinking the product itself.”

One of my favourite Bailey’s ads from back in February 2001 comes from the agency DDFH+B under the campaign title ‘Let Your Senses Guide You’ entitled ‘Charades’. I’ve posted the credits beneath those from the ‘Cream With Spirit’ ad below.

Credits ‘Cream With Spirit’
Global brand director for Baileys: Garbhan O’Bric
BBH creative team (film): Kat Bojcuk and Steve Sorec
BBH creative director: Rosie Arnold
BBH producer: Victoria Baldacchino
BBH commercial strategy director: Heather Alderson
BBH strategic business lead: Richard Lawson
BBH team director: Rachel Parry
BBH team manager: Lucy Nebel
Production company: Riff Raff Films
Director: Megaforce
Executive producer: Matthew Fone
Producer: Michaela Johnson
DoP: Dan Landin
Editor/editing house: The Quarry, Paul Watts and Scott Kato
Sound: Soundtree/Wave
Post production: The Mill
Lead flame: Ben Turner and Gary Driver
Flame assists: Grant Connor, Hugo Saunders and Bevis Jones
VFX shoot supervisors: Ben Turner and Francois Roisin
Telecine artist: Mick Vincent
CGI lead Francois: Roisin
VFX production: Chris Baten
CGI team: Dan Moore, Emily Medger, David Knight, Chris McDonald, Stuart Turnbull and Jake Flint
Concept art: Jimmy Kiddell
Matte painting: Antoine Birot, Callum Strachan and German Casado
Photographer: Norman Jean Roy /CLM
BBH art director: Charlene Chandrasekaran
BBH creative director: Rosie Arnold
BBH print producer: Rachel Wickham
BBH designers: Dominic Grant and Rich Kennedy
Packshot photographer: Laurence Haskell
Exposure: TV, Cinema, Press, Out of Home and Online advertising
Global campaign: UK, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Estonia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, China, US, Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Nigeria.

Credits ‘Charades’
Advertising Agency:DDFH&B
Creative Director: Gordon Torr
Copywriter: Gavin O’Sullivan
Art Director: Roland Mahon
Agency Producer: Serena Schellenberg
Account Supervisor: Shane McGonigle
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Nina Davidson
Production Company: 2AM Films Ireland
Director: Paul Goldman
Producer: Amanda Martin
Lighting/Cameraman: Christos Voudouris


One thought on “Baileys ‘Cream With Spirit’ by BBH London

  1. Spot on Paul. Thoughts. If you are going to plagiarise Busby Berkely then at least get the music right. Start with the classic then, if necessary segue into something more modern. No music supervisor listed in credits as far as I can see. As for the print ads, were they written by a man. If so they were written badly by a man. Katrina was right. @Krisp06

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