Smart “Fun Fortwo” by Weapon7, London

Weapon7, London have designed this lovely 90-second film for the Smart Fortwo to emphasise the fun that a small, city car provides. The advert celebrates a limiting feature of the car by emphasising that it only has two seats. Extending this notion creatively, Weapon7 used a skateboard as a visual metaphor for the small, nimble and fun car and had two professional skateboarders perform wonderfully-shot tricks on the board simultaneously. The metaphor plays well and the art direction coupled with the brilliant choice of music (“You Rascal You” by Hanni El Khatib) also add a cool-finesse to the piece which gives it a stand-out quality. Take a look at the spot below:

The ad is being supported by a variety of media and, today in particular, the campaign has received a huge media boost by way of a YouTube takeover as well as a newspaper wrap of the London Evening Standard which has a simple call to action: “Search on Youtube: skate fortwo”. Lovely. No QR code stamped messily anywhere (they don’t work on the underground when commuters are on their way home anyway), no horrible Blippar/Aurasma next-gen un-necessity. Just a small piece of copy telling people to type something into a website the vast majority are proven to use on a daily basis.


And, if you were in any doubt as to whether people did it…

Account director: David Kennedy-Cosgrove
Marketing director passenger cars at Mercedes-Benz Copywriter/creative director: Jason Cascarina
Art director/ creative director: Ant McGinty
Executive creative director: Jeremy Garner
Planner: Dan Bowers
Designer: Ian Patrick
Media agency: Maxus
Media planner: Maxus
Production company: Pulse Films
Director: Ben Newman – Pulse Films
Exposure: Online, cinema


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