Peace One Day 2012

Peace One Day is a wonderful not-for-profit organisation that aims to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace which occurs annually on 21st September.

For the 2012 campaign, Leo Burnett worked on the account with the focus being to make Peace One Day unmissable and unforgettable. Sadly, however, the campaign was neither of those things and slipped silently under the radar of most of the country.

This year saw Leo Burnett develop the campaign ‘Obliterate Hate’ – take a look at two of the print ads below (placed pro-bono by Rocket in the London Metro):

Thursday 20th September 2012 – Metro (London)

Thursday 20th September 2012 – London Evening Standard

Leo Burnett wanted thousands of people to tweet to @MissleForPeace using the hashtag #ObliterateHate naming violent or aggressive acts they wanted to obliterate. If you check the hashtag on Twitter, few did and even fewer did it properly. The physical missile itself and the act of exploding it containing a hard-drive full of tweets is a nice form of creative contention creating something of an ironic sentiment which could have worked even better if developed properly.

As of today, @MissleForPeace has 136 followers (most are employees from Leo Burnett). I realise there is something to be had in actually producing work for the cause but when it has little to no impact one must wonder whether the expense and effort was worth it. One simply remedy to ensure even just a few more people became involved would be to buy the main Promoted Tweet for the day to direct UK users to the Missile For Peace account and/or microsite (a screen-grab of which can be found below):

Creatively, the campaign is  bit of a muddle. A mixture of lines including ‘Obliterate Hate’, ‘Missile for Peace’ and (most importantly) ‘Peace One Day’ all share the page instead of choosing just one and making the Peace One Day logo bigger, brighter and more noticeable – the whole point of the campaign was originally to raise awareness of the cause and the International Day of Peace it is promoting. The creative gets carried away with itself and forms a confusing and indistinguishable haze that doesn’t really do what it sets out to.

Last year, Innocent (one of my favourite brands) made a limited edition smoothie available during September for Peace One Day which also had a branded badge attached. It was a match made in heaven and was hugely successful in raising awareness of the cause. I tweeted Innocent recently asking whether it was occurring again this year although, sadly, it wasn’t to be. A partner of theirs, This Water, ran a competition for Peace One Day which wasn’t as popular. It’s all looking quite drab really, isn’t it?

Have No Fear – The Students Are Here

Last Tuesday (18th September) was the 50th Anniversary Awards ceremony for D&AD awards were dished out to students who entered the D&AD open brief from Peace One Day and Interbrand. Of the pencil winners this year were Olly Wood and Martin Headon who developed a wonderfully inspired idea: on September 21st, players of EA’s first-person shooter Battlefield 3 would receive a new map they could move their in-game characters on to – a football pitch utilising another of the company’s biggest brands: Fifa. The characters would lay down their weapons and play a game of football in the style of the Christmas Day 1914 truce during the First World War. Headon, in an interview with Digital Arts, states:

“The worst thing we could do was just expect ordinary people to care about wars and conflict in distant countries – this approach would surely only attract the usual suspects; the habitually charitable. Instead, we needed find a place where the concepts of peace and conflict already existed in people’s minds and in people’s lives – and target them there.”

Ogilvy & Mather opted for a very similar idea in their own campaign although I don’t think it’s as refined as the one above. Also, from the same D&AD awards as Olly and Martin comes this beautiful idea (from students David Woodbury and Nikolaus Drellow) which casts a huge shadow over Leo Burnett’s work.

Take a look at the other student work for the D&AD Peace One Day 2012 Open Brief here and sneak a peak at one of my other favourites by Leanne Bentley and Paul Chanthapanya (Kingston University) here.

The ad agencies of this world better watch out. We’re coming for you.

Credits for ‘Obliterate Hate’
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
Executive Creative Director: Justin Tindall
Creative: Steve Robertson
Creative: Laurie Smith
Creative: Jackie Lynch
Agency Producers: Emma Bewley, Hannah Boase
Project Team: Alice Hooper, Kit Patrick, Ben Lunt, Zoe Attenborough, Richard Henderson, Hannah Graff
Micro-site: Ravi Chandwani, Ryan Dilley, Nikolas Dowlet at Airlock
Social Media: Ben Moore at Holler
Events: Emma Flynn & Isobel Hooper at Arc
‘Missile Launch’ Film
Director: Sam Strickland
Editor: Paul Trewartha
‘Making of the Missile’ film and ‘Missile Parade’ assets
Director: Ian Robinson
Editor: Geoff Webb
Photography: Rob Cooling, Stephen Attree
Print and Digital Advertising
Designer: Andy Allen
Retouching: Darren Grieves at Mundocom UK
Media Planning: JCDecaux & Rocket
Media Spend: Pro-bono

Credits for ‘pEAce day’
Students: Martin Headon and Olly Wood
Tutors: Blair Jarvis, Chris Hill and Marc Lewis
College: School of Communication Arts 2.0

Credits for ‘Receipt Flag’
Students: David Woodbury and Nikolaus Drellow
Tutors: Dan Balser and Norm Grey
College: The Creative Circus


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