Help Remedies “Help I Want To Save A Life” by Droga5, New York

This was one of my favourite pieces of work I saw at Cannes earlier this year and deservingly took home the Grand Prix Grand Prix for Good as well as two Golds in Direct and Promo for Public Health & Safety/Public Awareness Messages.

I’m slowly going through my notes, photos, folders and bookmarks to collate them on here. This issue is something I’m particularly fond of and the insight leading to the creative solution is so mind-bogglingly, eye-wideningly, stupefyingly simple that it shows our creativity in communication can do so much good in the world. Take a look at the case-study video below and, below that, the details from Droga5.

The Brief

More than 650,000 people around the world are diagnosed with leukaemia and lymphoma every year. And for many them, a marrow transplant is their only hope. About half find a match. There aren’t nearly enough people on the Marrow Donor Registry. And to make matters worse, it’s so complicated to sign up that it’s a wonder anyone’s registered at all. So we set out to make it easy. Thoughtless even. To change registering as a marrow donor from something complex to simple and everyday. And, above all, to save a bunch of lives.

Creative Execution

Most marrow donor programmes rely on the family and friends of patients, or an occasional event, to recruit new donors. But this requires a huge number of man-hours and usually only yields a few dozen registrations. But by making marrow registration a part of an everyday act, and a part of a mass-produced consumer product, we’re reaching a huge, new audience and reinventing the way marrow registration is done.


Since its launch Help I want to save a life has been seen by over 50m people. From the most innovative minds in the world at this year’s TED conference, to mainstream news outlets, business publications, medical journals, tech media and the design community. Help’s bandage sales have increased by 1,900%. And new orders have been placed by some of the nation’s largest retailers – including Target, Walgreens and Duane Reade – forging new relationships for Help Remedies. But, most importantly, since the day we launched the number of marrow donor registrations has tripled.

Droga5’s ECD, Ted Royer, gave a talk at Cannes in the Young Lions Zone entitled “Everything You Wanted To Know About Advertising But Were Too Afraid To Ask” (see photo below). Royer, along with the agency themselves, have a very positive ethos and produce great work for great clients. Droga5 have always been an interesting agency (taking after Droga himself!) but it’ll be fascinating to watch their progress over the next few years.

Brand: Help Remedies
Agency: Droga5, New York City, NY, United States
Producers: Kim Koby & Dan Sormani
Director: Jason Jones
Director of Photography: Adam Lukens
Editing: Dan Maloney
Music: Joseph Fraioli
Sound Designers: Joseph Fraioli & Michael Marinelli
Creatives: Graham Douglas, Alberto Portas Martagon & Alfredo Adan Roses
Creative Film Production: Graham Douglas & Paul Caiozzo
First AD: TJ Ryan
Colourist: Stuart Wheeler


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