ISPCC “I Can’t Wait” by Ogilvy, Dublin

There is an ongoing debate when it comes to adverts utilising shock tactics to illicit a response from the audience. Over the years and having researched and studied hundreds, I must admit to becoming somewhat desensitised to a lot of common tactics. However, having stumbled upon this TV spot from June last year, I had to share it on here.

It is brutal. I’ve coaxed myself into re-watching it a few times now and each of those occasions leaves me feeling quite sick as my stomach flips end over end.

The spot was developed by Ogilvy, Dublin for The ISPCC (Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) and produced by Blinder who took home a Bronze in Film Craft at the Cannes Lions Festival earlier this year for their work on this. This should be seen and felt – please watch below:

The film features the young actor (who is hauntingly brilliant) recite words from the ISPCC’s Children Manifesto – a policy it devised to ensure children are given the very basic of human rights. The faceless perpetrator, frequent low angle shots (to give the victims POV) coupled with the cherub-like innocence of the child himself is overbearingly simple in its creative outlay but creates a bold, brutal, brave and brilliant PSA that should be seen to be felt.

Agency: Ogilvy, Dublin
Client: ISPCC
Creative Director: Colin Nimick
Copywriter: Des Kavanagh
Art Director: Laurence O’Byrne
Production Company: Blinder
Director: Richie Smyth
Executive Producer: Michael Duffy
Agency Producer: Derek Doyle


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