Microsoft surface advert keith rivers music

Microsoft ‘Surface’ by Keith Rivers

This ad wasn’t made by an advertising agency but was instead created by Seattle-based filmmaker, Keith Rivers, an upcoming creative powerhouse who has shot and produced ads for Chevrolet, Pepsi, Walmart and, most recently and brilliant, the brand-new Internet Explorer 9 advert (take a look at it here).

Using shallow depth-of-field, fast straight-cuts and extreme close-ups spliced in amongst the footage, the ad takes viewers on a visceral jaunt into what the product feels like. I think the tone of this advert is wonderfully contrasting to the marketing of its biggest competitor, Apple, who are forever breezy and regularly offset white imagery with bright colours to make them pop more startlingly.

However, the main website for Surface disappointingly doesn’t build upon the wonderful overtones overlaid in the advert and instead opts for an uncluttered ‘Google-esque’ format that isn’t dissimilar to the online activity Apple is seen producing. It’s a shame because what Rivers has created here is quite striking.

A beautiful composition of fuzz-infused bass pulses (mimicking Hans Zimmer’s thunderous score for ‘Inception’) fuses with classical piano trills later on to articulate musically how the product combines next-level technology with the same recognisable traits users will expect of Microsoft Windows. Visually and audibly, this piece of work is a triumph.

The advert seems to draw on some of the tonality and visual aspects of this wonderful ad from BBH for Audi although, admittedly, Microsoft’s work is far deeper and more foreboding than the glittery artistry of Audi’s ad. Watch it here.


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