Nike ‘CTR360 Maestri III’ “Take Control” by Wieden + Kennedy, London

Nike have recently released the brand new ‘CTR360 Maestri III’ football boot to the market and it’s proving a hit. To ‘kick-off’ the launch (*ahem*), the sports giant have teamed with the London branch of their incumbent advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy, to produce this classic piece of work.

Coming under the larger campaign heading of ‘My Time Is Now’, Wieden + Kennedy have created a beautiful strategy for this advertisement. Looking at the specifications, alterations and justifications of the boot itself, they have focused on the showing how the wearer can master the midfield and gain total ownership of their play. From this, the line ‘Take Control’ was beautifully spawn and bled all the way through the creative execution which rightly chooses Andrés Iniesta (Central Midfielder for FC Barcelona and recent UEFA Best Player in Europe Award of the past year) as the spokesperson.

Iniesta is portrayed as a marionette dancing and weaving through an unknown team of white-shirted players. The playing-field itself is mechanised and designed to look as though the players are traversing the full length of a pitch. The art direction itself employs an almost stop-motion-like quality combining it with old-time aesthetics and hand-made details which one assumes highlights the quality Nike put into each of their products.

At the end of the spot, our view is transported upwards to reveal the product, the new CTR360 Maestri III, with Iniesta’s puppet strings attached to the studs turning the ad into an even lovelier metaphor for the precise mastery of control the product is flaunting.

This ad has grown on me over the past few days as I begin to appreciate the finer details of its strategy and, more obviously, the craftsmanship and art direction that makes this spot so likeable. What are your thoughts?


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