Old Spice ‘Muscle Music’ by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland

Wieden + Kennedy are living up to their recent title of ‘Best Agency of the Year’ at this years Cannes Festival with their latest interactive ad for Old Spice. It features a brilliantly funny Terry Crews playing a number of musical instruments which have been wired up to his body simply by flexing.

After the ad ends, a recordable player opens allowing users to control Crews’s individual muscles with their keyboard, compose their own creations, upload straight to Vimeo and share across the internet. Watch, compose and share below.

To act as a premiere for this piece of interactive madness, Terry Crews is currently answering fans questions on Reddit. Click here to take part.

I love this wonderfully weird ‘press-release’ for the ad on the W+K blog:

Friends, people of the internet, co-workers, lovers, former lovers, random people who have come to this site by mistake, it is with great pride and excitement that we introduce the technological and pectoral breakthrough that is Old Spice Muscle Music, featuring Terry Crews, muscle-laden star of The Expendables II. Never has so much stupidity and technological breakthrough been combined into one thingy. It’s the first ever fully interactive and sharable music video/player on Vimeo (or YouTube for that matter).

A lot of people in the W+K Portland office worked really hard on this. Well done, them. Please take a minute to enjoy its funny stupidness and then feel free to send it to everyone you know on the internet so they can enjoy its funny stupidness.

As reported by Mashable earlier, “‘Muscle Music’ is a collaboration between Old Spice, Wieden+Kennedy, director Tom Kuntz of MJZ, Mackenzie Cutler, The Mill and Vimeo”. The latter is probably gaining the most useful exposure from this as it brilliantly exhibits the usefulness of the Vimeo platform giving inspiration for other creative ventures this partnership could provide.

In April of last year, the brand promoted their new scent, ‘Danger Zone’, with a lovely piece of creative entitled ‘Jungle Wilderness’ featuring a new Old Spice guy but using the same executional techniques that made the original such a phenomenal success. The aforementioned spot features the following commentary which gives us an insight into their insight:

“Because even if something bad does happen to a danger zone man, he wont smell like something bad happened”. At the end of the advert, our hero ends up smelling like he looks amazing…despite the fact that he only has half a functioning body left. One can make the assumption that Wieden + Kennedy’s insight revolved around the following:

The world is a dangerous place and with all the dangers life throws at you, sweating is inevitable. But, even when you do perspire, Old Spice deodorant will make you smell like you’re not.

Essentially: Perspiration is inevitable. Smelling bad is not.

I’m not sure if their latest execution marries up perfectly with this initial proposition (perhaps this is now too dated?) but it is a brilliant execution and it is an excellent fit with the “Smell Is Power” campaign that Old Spice used at the beginning of the year before the P&G-owned brand switched to the Olympic-themed ‘Believe In Your Smelf’ campaign. 

What do you think of this interactive advert?


EDIT – Here’s a handy guide to which keys do what and how you can compose your own masterpiece:


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