Park Avenue – A Cooling Effect

Park Avenue (India’s leading garment and grooming products brand for men) wanted to promote the cooling effect of the ‘Pro-Cooling Strip’ on their shaving razors.

Publicis were challenged to create an innovative idea to stand the product apart from more dominant global players such as Gillette and, more recently, Old Spice.

Initial findings showed that the audience felt that razor-burn was a major problem for them with quotes being pulled from research such as

“Am I the only one whose skin burns after a shave?”
“It feels like my face is on fire!”
“Is there a way to stop this burning sensation?”

Publicis appear to have created a clever, simple and cost-effective solution which should appease their clients: cutouts shaped similar to the products handle were stuck next to air conditioning ducts on the ceiling of Park Avenue outlets in India to highlight the blades cooling ability.

I like this idea purely for it’s use of nephelococcygia and seeing the traditional air vent as something much more. However, what entices audiences into these stores would surely be the brands initial appeal and recognition? Thus, it could be argued that those already in-store are more willing to engage with this kind of creative messaging. Despite this, as an effective piece of communication, results concluded that customers asked sales staff to direct them to the products and these converted, naturally, into sales – Park Avenue razors shot up by 23%. Not bad for a giant sticker.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Communications, Mumbai, India
Chief Executive Officer: Ashish Khazanchi
Executive Creative Director: Tushar Kadam
Creative Director: Vivek Rao, Shahrukh Irani
Art Director: Girish Wadisherla, Sowmya Balakrishnan
Copywriter: Manan Pandya
Account Director: Natasha Kulkarni


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