Channel 4 Paralympics – ‘Meet The Superhumans’

The London 2012 Olympic games have officially gotten underway and, so far, it’s proving to be an incredible showcase of some of the world’s most extraordinary humans. However, I would argue that it is the Paralympics that even exceeds this in showcasing the unfathomable determination and drive that exists deep within the human spirit. Channel 4’s TV spot made by 4Creative for these games, deservedly entitled ‘Meet The Superhumans’, is an uncompromisingly visceral charge of emotion and art that brilliantly builds anticipation for the upcoming games.

The TV ad, which is sonically charged by the brilliant hip-hop backing of Public Enemy’s ‘Harder Than You Think’, focuses on a variety of athletes training and showing the power of mind of body. Interestingly, halfway through, the music cuts abruptly to reveal how these ‘Superhumans’ seemingly came to be. An IED explodes underneath some soldiers, a woman is silently told her child has birth defects and a gritty car crash remind the audience of the inconceivable despair and subsequent rise through hope to greatness that these true sporting icons traverse.

As the ad builds to a crescendo, the surrounding cheers from a stadium crowd drowns out the soundtrack highlighting the energy and power these games are filled with. It’s one of my favourite adverts for the London 2012 Games and is a shining example of how the ideas of a piece of work can transcended the project itself to connect with an audience on a far deeper level using real human truths and intimately crafted art.┬áTake a look at the spot below and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Read more about the advert here.



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