Rice Krispies ‘Lovely Rain’ by Leo Burnett

On 5th April 2012, seven of the UK’s largest water companies imposed a hosepipe ban due to severely low levels of rainfall in the country – predominately in the south-east and in East Anglia. And, with the weather attempting to evoke a sense of British irony, a deluge was summoned. And it isn’t over yet.

We’ve had some of the wettest days, weeks and months on record all adding appropriate scorn to the ‘We Are In Drought’ awareness posters adorning London buses and billboards. However, in the malaise comes great opportunity. Kellogg’s Rice Krispies breakfast cereal has come to the rescue of bored children confined to their homes this summer with a very simple marketing solution: packaging that you can colour in.

This idea has been wonderfully examined in their latest advertisement created by Leo Burnett. It’s beautifully shot, wonderfully directed and promoting it as a ‘Rescue Pack’ is brilliant. Further, this idea seems to tie into the brands identity in a much more clever way. The cereal is famously used by children in homes and schools around the world to make ‘Rice Krispies Chocolate Cakes’ – another perfect pastime to while away the wet and windy day of any weary child. Building into this human truth the notion of the product being a ‘Rescue Pack’ is a simple but elegant way of heightening the importance of the brand amongst its audience and topping off what is a very lovely piece of work.


Creative director: Don Bowen
Creatives: Ed Morris and Andy Drugan
TV producer: Annabel Crilley
Production Company: Bare Films
Director: Joanna Bailey
Producers: Clare Timms and Sue Caldwell
Online: MPC

4 thoughts on “Rice Krispies ‘Lovely Rain’ by Leo Burnett

  1. Someone in Campaign said they can’t imagine kids colouring when they’ve got all these gadgets. I have faith in them though, I reckon they still love a bit of simple colouring on a rainy day.

    • I think you’re right – I remember defacing newspapers when I was a kid and so using the useless container as something useful that’s brand related is lovely 🙂

  2. Interesting. This ad looks like a nice “homage” to ours made in Ireland in 2003:

    Directed by Steve Green.

    • Thank you so much for the message Roisin – I hadn’t seen this advert until you posted it here! I can’t believe the similarity – they’ve both sprung from very different strategies yet the creative is undeniably similar.
      Maybe a bit of jealousy from Leo Burnett? Really like this Bushmills advert though – it’s very pure and puts a lovely spin on a well known tradition in Ireland – rain.

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