‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Campaign: Operation Early Bird

Following on from yesterdays post, the almost completely inactive Twitter account for the film – @TheFireRises – has tweeted a heavily edited document in a similar vein to those seen yesterday. You can check out the full version below.

Having background materials that seem to be directly lifted out of the film make the experience of waiting to watch the picture and moment when you finally do a richer and more engaging one as a result.

The document mentions something called ‘OPERATION EARLY BIRD’ and, when searching for this, one can find the website (suitably titled) www.operationearlybird.com.

At present, the site simply has a digital clock counting down until 1000PST (see image below), but with a 6 minute prologue attached to the upcoming ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” film in IMAX cinemas, could ‘Operation Early Bird’ be referring to the release of a new trailer preview online? In the ‘Why So Serious?’ campaign for ‘The Dark Knight’, a new trailer was shown online although it had been heavily ‘defaced by the Joker’ with squiggles and drawings over each of the frames so as to disguise what was truly happening; a superb way of whetting an audiences’ appetite only to starve them further of a final reveal.

In 17 hours, I’ll update this post with what has happened so be sure to subscribe and join in with the beginning of what is set to be another brilliant marketing campaign for one of Christopher Nolan’s films.


One thought on “‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Campaign: Operation Early Bird

  1. operationearlybird.com now hosts a world map with specific locations singled out. Click on one and you either get an option to buy tickets for a preview (on 12/13 in the US, 12/14 in the UK) or else you learn that tickets for that location have been sold out.

    I haven’t figured out what the coordinate inputs on the bottom of the page do. I assume it’s map coordinates, but I couldn’t be bothered to look any up to verify.

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