‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Campaign Begins

Earlier today, Wired and Empire received two ‘Wikileaks’-looking documents from an anonymous source. The two documents look to be the beginnings of Warner Bros. campaign for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. There has already been some great online vs. offline activity thanks to Empire which you can read about here but this appears to be the true start of another internet-wide marketing initiative to earn even more interest for the most anticipated film of next year. You can read about the previous two campaigns for Chris Nolan’s ‘Inception’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ over here.

The great thing about both these ‘documents’ is the ambiguity they present which is enough to spark debate both online and offline. This is how you begin an internet campaign. providing information that is interest enough to have people commentate on it from all over the world and have people like me blogging about it and feeding it on to more people. It’s a lovely proposition and one which I hope will be the beginning of another great online adventure for a Chris Nolan film.

The two documents are similar to those received (also by Wired) last year for Inception. You can read about it all at the link here.

Check out the two images below and leave your thoughts in the comments below:

Dr. Leonid Pavel


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