Choose Empire’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Covers [UPDATED]

Empire magazine are running a voting system on their website to get film-fans and batman-fanatics to cast their votes to see which of two covers they will preview online first: Batman (played by Christian Bale) or Bane (played by Tom Hardy).

Traditionally, the movie magazine publishers reveal the cover of their upcoming issue online to tease what will be between the pages of the next publication. However, by allowing those who normally read Empire and those who may only read it on occasion or not at all, this is an excellent way to build hype around a particular issue whilst also showcasing the brand as being the first and best for the latest movie news.

You can vote for your favourite cover here:

At the time I cast my vote there were 10721 clicks for Batman and 31481 for Bane which gives you some idea of how many people are taking part in this and are working together to reveal the individual covers.

The internet (and social media in particular) provides us with up-to-the-second information on whatever we want which means movie-news publications such as Empire and Total Film have been hit hard. For example, I stopped buying Empire magazine about 2 years ago as it was already out of date the moment it was published. Having said that, I will most likely be buying this upcoming issue and it may prompt me, and a great deal of others, to continue to do so as the puffery currently promotes information only being speculated about online; the printed page seems to have a certain degree of authority and integrity that online lacks in many cases (in my opinion).

What do you think of this marketing idea and will you be picking up the next issue when it arrives in stores across the UK Thursday 24th November 2011?


Both covers have been revealed after over 15,000 individual votes each from various fanboys around the web. The two images are great and this initial exercise seems to have been very successful. Click here to find out more or have a look below at both of the covers:

TDK Empire Cover - Bane The Dark Knight Rises Tom Hardy


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