‘X-Men: First Class’ – 3D projector advertisement

Just recently, a 3D-mapping projector shone an excellent 4 minute advert for the impending release of the home media release of Michael Vaughn’s ‘X-Men: First Class’ on the side of a building on Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles. Ridiculously, I can’t embed the video so click the image  of Michael Fassbender as Magneto below to watch it over at Trailer Addict:

Logistically, having the animators ‘map’ the building in order for the video to seemingly interact with the setting around it is a challenging and, in all likelihood, costly operation. However, having a living animation continuously contort and create an engaging animation such as this one in a prime location in L.A. ads a new dimension (literally) to the message being delivered.

The fact that the technologically impressive and physics defying nature of the advertisement ties in well with the product (a film about mutants, in essence) shows great planning on behalf of the creative team that put this work together. No, it won’t be as effective for all films or, indeed, other products. But this particular example illustrates what the future may hold for outdoor ads. Already in London underground stations, projectors display movies onto the opposing walls to where the passengers wait allowing them to observe the adverts whilst they try mercilessly to avoid eye-contact with other commuters (sad but true).

Maybe, in the near future, we’ll have more of these kinds of adverts similar to those designed in Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ although, let’s hope, the future depicted in that particular film isn’t the future we are all destined to experience.


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