Google Chrome – Jamal Edwards

A few hours ago the insufferably awful, puerile filth that is ‘The X Factor’ was deposited on screens across the country like an outbreak of ‘idiot-anthrax’. During the show itself, I busied myself with a few odd jobs that I had left but, during the ad breaks, I rushed back downstairs to see which brands were forking-out millions of pounds to exhibit their latest adverts during this prime spot.

Overall and to my mind, the standard wasn’t earth-shattering. However, the first spot on the first break stood out loud and proud as Google aired its latest TV ad for its Chrome browser. Take a look at the advert below:

As the description puts it:

This film tracks the rise of Jamal Edwards and the emergence of SB.TV as one of the UK’s leading youth broadcasters. From filming his friends in car parks to interviewing some of the world’s biggest stars, we see how Jamal used the web to achieve his dreams.

The ad is also currently being promoted on the YouTube (owned by Google) front page [dated 21/08/2011]. Take a look at the advert below which, when clicked, redirects to the video above:

The response to the video has, so far, been largely positive with comments such as…

“this is the first black advert i have seen wow we should have more black averts”

“Congrats to Jamal. I love seeing so many young black men doing big things.”


“WOW! Really inspiring!┬áBless Jamal”

and even…

“if it werent for xfactor i wouldnt be watchin dis looool”

It’s great to see Google showcasing adverts which mirror life as it is: diverse. I’m in agreeance with the many countless commentators on YouTube that, in the western world, we are exposed to a disproportionately high number of white-centric adverts. Not everyone in the UK is white and straight and good looking living in a house with a Dad, a Mum and at least two children. The UK is a rich and diverse place to live yet it is rarely reflected in its advertising.

Moreover, Google also released a similar advert for Chrome which highlights the truly remarkable ‘It Gets Better Campaign’. You can watch this advert here and I highly recommend that you do.

Google is doing a great job of showing the diversity of the web and how it interacts with our own diverse world. I truly hope that the company continue to exhibit ads which are showing how great the web can be when all people of all types work together.


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