The Dark Knight Rises: Set Photos, Bane Costume and Tumbler revealed as filming continues

As filming begins in Pittsburgh, production of The Dark Knight Rises moves up a gear. But with fans and inquisitors photographing and filming behind the scenes, will this positively or negatively affect the marketing of the film?

Fans of the upcoming and highly anticipated 2012 blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises, got their first glimpse of Tom Hardy as Bane through a brilliantly constructed Twitter ‘game’ which I posted about a few weeks ago here. This caused a great deal of attention from news sites to social media feeds around the world and began to build the hype for the most anticipated film of next year. This, of course, meant the first look we got of the films villain was a high-definition promotional image as opposed to a grainy, amateur shot snapped by an eager fan on the set. Because of this, the film gained a lot more free media coverage than if the image had simply been leaked from the set.

A short press conference was made the other day with members of the Pittsburgh Film Office along with writer/director/producer Christopher Nolan, his wife and producer Emma Thomas as well as the films star Christian Bale. You can see an edited version of the conference below or head over to Pittsburgh Tribute (via Nolan Fans) to watch the rest of the footage:

Now that filming is underway, we’ve recently received some behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the costume Bane will be wearing at some point during the film as well as three slightly different Tumbler’s. I’ve included a few of the set photos of Tom Hardy as Bane below but head over to Just Jared to see them all.

I would argue that these kind of set images are a very useful part of marketing a highly anticipated film such as The Dark Knight Rises as the anomalies they produce and the secrets they only partially tease create lively and wide ranging debate amongst Bat-Fans across the world in forums, comments sections and…blogs like this. Whilst many may consider these photographs and videos to be spoilers, I would comment that the production staff and, in particular, Chris Nolan, would be more than aware that this kind of behaviour would take place and could therefore block off certain areas where they re filming away from the public eye to keep the films secrets intact just as they did with Nolan’s previous two films Inception and The Dark Knight.

On the subject and debate around set-photo spoilers and the argument that, in many instances, it creates free conversation and awareness of the film, have a look at the photo below showing the character of Bane tearing up a photo of Harvey Dent (Aaron Ekhart’s doomed DA character from The Dark Knight who becomes Two Face). Let the conversation begin.









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