New iPad 2 Advert

Earlier tonight, Apple released the latest sugary, cherry-topped advert for their wildly successful iPad 2 product entitled “We’ll Always”. watch the advert embedded below:

The ad should come with a health warning for anyone with diabetes due to the overly-sugary content. Yet, despite it’s Disney-esque tenderness and vomit-inducing innocence, the adverts purpose is wonderful. Apple are continuing to push the iPad as a game changing device that will make the way we do what we do a more beautiful and elegant process than it ever would have been before. Have a read of the copy used for the advert below noting how it uses elements of nostalgia to really drive home the message that the iPad slips effortlessly into our lives changing it for the better.

We’ll never stop sharing our memories. Or getting lost in a good book. We’ll always cook dinner and cheer for our favorite team. We’ll still go to meetings, make home movies, and learn new things. But how we do all this will never be the same.

Admittedly, some of the ads produced for the technology giant are either lobotomised claptrap or brashly arrogant in their approach; this latter point is most apparent in the latest iPhone adverts which surmise that “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone.”

This run of ads strikes a rather irritable nerve with me as it seems to suggest that Apple are now far too concerned with themselves; these smarmy 30-second displays of pomposity, almost to the point of masturbation, is a little hard to either like or applaud. Whilst the proposition of the adverts are bang-on the money (showing audiences that having an iPhone allows them to have all these great features in the palms of their hands whilst also stating that any of the iPhones competitors won’t be able to offer the same thing), the execution needs severely altering.

I can only hope that, for the soon-to-be-announced iPhone 5, Apple take a different approach to they current iPhone ads and maybe even turn up the sweetness as they’ve done for their iPad ads.





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