We Are Sorry (we got caught)

News International publishes a second advert apologising further for the phone hacking scandal whilst declaring full cooperation with the ongoing police investigation.

In a number of Sunday broadsheets today including The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Sunday Telegraph and The Observer, News International ran a series of text-only adverts expanding on those published yesterday simply titled “Putting right what’s gone wrong.”; yesterdays ads were headed with the words “We are sorry”.

I’ve photographed the advert (as the version in The Sunday Times was too large to scan) and it can be seen below:

The previous advert shown in yesterdays papers (pictured at the top of this post) has been criticised by many who know that the only reason this apology was made was because the phone hacking scandal was made unveiled resulting in an overwhelming public backlash. This, of course, led to the proposed boycott of the paper with advertisers pulling out from all angles. A parody/more truthful version of the advert is shown below:

Rupert Murdoch is one of those who will give evidence on Tuesday before a select committee of MP’s. Two hours ago, it emerged that Rebekah Brooks has been arrested and is being held in police custardy. For the full story, click here.


This isn’t the only scandal that News International is involved in. Infamous news network, Fox, is currently declaring the ‘News of the World’ is a victim of the phone hacking scandal as opposed to being a perpetrator, white-washing the news and twisting it into a horribly disfigured and dishonest rendering that is being pumped into the American masses. It is, quite frankly, a disgrace that this form of vulgar reporting is allowed to take place and doctor the news in such a way that a news organisation is seemingly acquitted of the crimes they have been embroiled in over the years. Watch, if you can bare it, the full video below:




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