Daily Star Sunday – ‘Hack-gate’ Advert 2011

Citing the recent hacking scandal which led to the downfall of the ‘News of the World’ and the tarnished image of News Corporation and the Murdoch empire, The Daily Star Sunday released this advert to tempt readers to try its own publication stating that it is “a Sunday paper you can trust”. See the advert below:

Various other newspapers have also released TV adverts in the hope of coercing former ‘News of the World’ readers to swap to their particular paper including another brand owned by News Corp, ‘The Sunday Times’, which is offering a series of films to download free with every purchase starting tomorrow (Sunday 17th July 2011) with ‘Man on Wire’.

This advert was shown a few days before Sunday 17th July 2011 and I was able to record it (sadly, using my camera which explains the relatively low quality) on Saturday 16th July 2011.

Whilst the Daily Star is keen to snatch-up ex-NOTW readers, I do think the way this advert cites the recent scandal is particularly brash and also hypocritical as the Star is also suspected of similar malpractice. Further, this ad also comes after the Metropolitan Police raided the Daily Star offices only a week previously due to the hacking scandal and payments to police: http://www.metro.co.uk/news/868761-daily-star-searched-by-metropolitan-police-amid-phone-hacking-probe

What do you think of this advert and how do you feel towards the un-subtle referencing to the recent hacking scandal? Feel free to comment below or underneath the video itself on my YouTube channel.


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