The Dark Knight Rises: Teaser Poster

After three years of waiting, the final instalment of Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy has reached a significant turning point. Earlier today, the first teaser poster was released for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ via the official movie website where the homepage has been taken over by the main focus of the poster: the crumbling peaks of silver-tinted skyscrapers tearing the symbol of the Batman into a cloudy sky. Please find the official teaser poster attached below:

To say it is ‘striking’ is an understatement. The image certainly draws on Nolan’s love of architecture and also links back to one of the teaser posters for his last masterpiece: Inception (seen here).

This teaser poster also connects with two of the theatrical posters for ‘The Dark Knight’ (shown below) which depict buildings being destroyed in some form:

The teaser poster also doesn’t have a title for the movie. It is revealed in the website address centred at the very bottom of the print, but, the iconic symbol is enough to let audiences known what the poster is teasing. And ‘tease’ it does.

Nolan is famed for the secrecy of his pictures and this is one of the reasons why there is currently a phenomenal amount of hype around this movie and it isn’t even released until July 20th 2012 – over a year away.

As far as colours go, the continued desaturation of the marketing materials over the three films is very apt. The copper browns, yellows and reds of ‘Batman Begins’ become colder in ‘The Dark Knight’ with blues and blacks taking over until, as we’ve seen today with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, all these colours almost completely stripped away to reveal a nearly black and white page. It’s very bold, eye-catching and almost certainly bound to cut through the other movie marketing clutter that lines the box-office aisles.


To give you a better understanding of just how well all the design elements of Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight films work together from a marketing perspective, have a look at this brilliant fan-made trilogy poster made below. If you are the creator, please drop me a message and I will happily credit you here:

What this teaser poster means is left almost entirely to interpretation so I won’t bore you with any of my personal views of the symbolism founded in this release. Having said that, I would love to hear your own views as to what this teaser poster may mean and whether you like it or not. As always, please leave your thoughts and comments below.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was announced on Friday 30th April 2010 and, on July 12th, we have been given our first official teaser poster. Subscribe to this blog to keep track of the film’s advertising and marketing over the next year. Click here to read my last post on ‘The Dark Knight Rises’


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