Quick Update

I haven’t posted in a long time so am long overdue an update…

Thank you to everyone that has followed and subscribed to this shitty little advertising/movie blog over the past year or so. I’ve been receiving an average of 30 hits a day (a lot for someone like me) consistently for months even when I wasn’t posting with certain days randomly peaking in excess of 300 views! Some of the most viewed posts have been ‘Inception Viral Marketing’ and ‘Mad Men – Representing Social Class’. Many thanks for all those that subscribe, follow, read and share.

Apologies for this fairly self-indulgent update. Now here is the real news: as part of my Advertising and Marketing Communications course, I am undertaking a Digital Communications Strategies unit which requires that I blog about topics related to course content on a weekly basis. This should be fairly interesting and I intend to relate these postings back to previous work I have done on this blog over the past year or so. Digital communications is such a recent and rapidly changing form that it will be interesting to document it here using one of the most easily and readily used forms of digital communication: blogging.

As always, I welcome any comments and feedback including what people would like me to cover as this will aid my understanding of the topic area.


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