Inception Update: Character Featurette

A new two-minute featurette has been released in partnership with MSN UK for the upcoming sci-fi/action/adventure film by Christopher Nolan – Inception. You can watch the video embedded below:

I have already blogged about previous marketing implementations for Inception here, here, here and here but this latest effort seems to be offering the potential audience the chance to find out more about the characters without discovering too much about the film itself. This strategy allows the audience to still experience the same refreshing sense of obliviousness in the cinema which the director, Christopher Nolan, wishes them to have but simultaneously ‘bond’ with the characters more; audiences will therefore have to see the film to find out what happens to these newly deciphered characters.

The video above seems to tie in with a previous poster release from a few weeks ago as seen here. Please click the link to head over to Nolan Fans for the full article and associated images.

Let me know what you think of the video and any of my blogs on Inception using the comments at the bottom of each page or head over to my website using the link below and contact me with any information regarding the advertising and marketing campaign so far.


Although not strictly a part of the general marketing campaign, the press notes for Inception have been released online for people to look at here. Please be aware that these notes do contain some spoiler-ish detail on Inception so, if you want to go into the movie fresh please do not click the link.


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