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Warner Brothers are buying more media space to advertise their upcoming sci-fi/action/adventure blockbuster ‘Inception’ which has already gained an army of fans before its initial release. Despite the plot being kept almost completely shrouded in mystery with only certain aspects divulged through trailers and news articles, Warner seem to be pushing this movie almost as ferociously as they did with Christopher Nolan’s previous film ‘The Dark Knight’ in 2008. Take a peek at the front page below or click here to see it for yourself:

Today, 13th June 2010, Youtube has an interactive banner pinned to the top of its front page which features the latest trailer and, after it has been viewed, a quick synopsis of the film, a featurette as well as the ability to share the trailer using Facebook and Twitter (Illustrated below). By implementing social media into a user-friendly banner like this which doesn’t immediately whisk the participant off to an official website seems to be an interesting if fairly overused tool.

Three days ago, a smaller video was placed on the homepage for the movie (See image below). This is the same space bought by the Conservative party for their YouTube promotional video on the day of the 2010 UK General Election. Analysts report that this media space alone would have cost the political party between £10,000 and £40,000 [1].

YouTube is visited by hundreds of millions of people every day from all over the world with figures reporting 2 billion video views each day [2]. Clearly, this is a smart move for Warner Brothers to place an advert at the top of one of the most visited websites in the world a little over a month before the release on July 16th.

The trailer released for Inception have already generated a lot of interest in the movie but will this banner manage to build hype amongst the wider public and help to secure ticket receipts? The view count for this particular Inception trailer featured in the banner is currently 31,540. I’ll edit this post in 24 hours to see what the overall number of hits was.

EDIT: At the end of the day when the ad closed, the video received 87,995 hits which means that the banner on YouTube’s front page assisted with it gaining 56,455 views in just 24 hours.





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