Ambient Advertising Attack – King Kong 360 3D

Universal Studios have teamed up with three-time Academy Award winning film maker, Peter Jackson, to create King Kong 360 3D which will reportedly cost three times as much as it would to recreate the previous mechanical Kong attraction.

To market such a giant product (literally) an ambient advertising campaign was created which is both creative and simple – enabling the key messages of the campaign to easily be extracted.

Giant footprints were dug into the sand just north of Santa Monica pier. The footprints have crushed lifeguard vehicles and caused destruction across the beach. See photos below courtesy of Jonathan Alcorn [1] through /Film [2]. (NOTE: Please subscribe to Jonathan’s blog and make sure to catch up with /Film every day!)

This was also done at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. This is an interesting placement seeing as the stadium is on the most Westerly state in America and the theme park itself is one of the most Easterly. Universal studios, as its name might suggest, intends the park and the King Kong attraction the universal and most important theme park in America; in 2009, it was ranked as the eighth-most visited theme park in the USA [3].

I think the ambient campaign developed for this is perfectly suited and, despite being a UK citizen and having little grasp of American geography, I would still assert that the placement of this campaign is still very appropriate.






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