Durex: iPhone App

This latest creative piece of marketing for Durex condoms is brilliantly imaginative yet heavily disturbing at the same time…

Take a look at the video below:

An user must “gently rub” their phone against a friends (surely this is some sort of demonic digital rape?) and their victim will have their phone impregnated with the ‘Durex Baby’ application. This is similar to ‘iHobo’ by Publicis London [1] in that the main character harasses the owner of the phone until they buy a pack of Durex condoms and scan in the QR code on the box which stops the process. Of course, the simple thing would be to uninstall the app and delete it entirely.

I do feel that the interaction with social networks such as Facebook is a little overboard and could cause certain problems and embarrassments. Moreover, it seems too simple and cliched as so many companies try to promote a synergy between whatever they are doing and social networking. Whilst this is good in premise, I think new ground needs to be covered that doesn’t just fall back on the convenience of social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Overall, this is a creative application but more emphasis needs to be made of the brand name to ensure that consumers don’t just purchase the cheapest products available to them.


Art Director: Nicolai Villads
Interactive Designer: Raul Montenegro
Organised by: AKQA and Cannes Lions Advertising festival



1. http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ihobo/id364005732?mt=8

2. http://creativecriminals.com/online/durex-baby-application/


2 thoughts on “Durex: iPhone App

  1. Aren’t condoms supposed to prevent the spread of unwanted diseases (or in the case applications). Now I have to go out and buy a iPhone condom…Trojan makes those right? Or would did they make one for every time a iMac touches a PC (a.k.a. Trojan application…or is that virus…)

    We share the same name. For that…I have subscribed. Keep blogging fellow blogger of the infinite blogosphere, and may the force be with you.
    (Could this post get any nerdier?)

    Star Trek
    Star Wars

    (Now it can’t.)

  2. Of all the apps available for your iPhone but this one has to be one of the best, Durex Condoms takes advertising to a new level with the Durex brand Condoms.

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