iCame, iSaw, iPad

Apple announced today that they have sold over 2 million iPads around the world so far after launching in America on 3rd April 2010. This news arrives shortly after the tablet device was released in the UK among may other countries to a positive and, at times, frenzied response. The Sunday Times (dated 30th May 2010) reports that the Apple store in Madrid sold out of the item in “under three hours” and that the queue in Sydney “reached 200 yards long”.

It appears the the initially sceptical media have not only been convinced of this “magical and revolutionary product” but have also adopted it as one of their own with many media companies offering seminars and lectures on how the iPad can improve business.

Last week at Bluebox, the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo, an inflight entertainment firm was renting the tablet to passengers loaded with films and television programmes for their journey. This seems like an excellent idea for those who among us who are still skeptical. Moreover, the target audience for this kind of initiative seems fairly well suited.

The success almost certainly aided Apple last week when it overtook Microsoft to be crowned the largest technology company in the world.

Selling 2 million iPads in less than 60 days is a remarkable achievement especially when stacked up against the companies previous milestones:

  • Sold 2 million iPods = 2 years
  • Sold 2 million iPhones = 4 months
  • Sold 2 million iPads = 59 days


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  2. “Apple faithful clamour for ‘Jesus tablet’” by Stephen Armstrong, The Sunday Times, 30/05/2010, page 15

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