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Argos seem to be undergoing a slight form of re-branding by placing convenience at the very heart of their selling strategy. The brand are stressing that it is now even easier to use their booking system to have items sent to whichever store is most useful for the buyer. These messages are transmitted in the company’s latest advert where consumers are told that the buying process now consists of three easy steps: Find it. Get it. Argos it.

The professional production design, including the theatrical cinematography, makes the finished advert look more accomplished and trustworthy showing that convenience doesn’t mean a lack of quality.

Argos have also released a free application for the iPhone in the iTunes store (currently the second most downloaded in the free app chart) which allows buyers to shop for the products they want and have them ready for collection at any local store. Download the app for free here:





One thought on “Argos it

  1. I think its good that Argos are promoting their digital attributes. Everyone only really thinks of the magazine when Argos is mentioned, and their website is so much better. In fact, their online system of being able to reserve a product at your nearest store is brilliant (and I think more retailers should do this). People might say that an advantage of online shopping is that you don’t have to go out, but a bigger disadvantage is that you don’t get what you’ve bought for a few days.

    This is definitely a good move for Argos. The advert itself is getting boring though. I quite liked it the first time I saw it. It successfully reminded me that I can reserve stuff online… but now I just tune it out when it comes on. I think they should have done something a bit more ‘in your face’, so that every time it comes on you notice it (and it slowly in the message in that Argos is not all about having the biggest magazine).

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