The Bright Future of Orange Wednesdays?

As of tomorrow morning, mobile network operator, Orange, will no longer be airing the famous ‘Gold Spots’ loving created by the advertising agency – Mother. The spots, which used to air after the main theatrical trailers just before a film started in cinemas, have been running for seven years – almost as long as I have been an Orange customer. The ‘Gold Spots’ seem to have become part of the cinema experience and enjoyed as a separate entity to the film audiences are paying to see. Since the ‘Gold Spots’ began, Mother London have won three Gold Lions at Cannes, three golds at BTAA, a yellow Pencil at D&AD as well as the gold award at Campaign’s Big awards in 2008. Below is one of my favourites from the campaign but you can relieve all of them here: [1] [2].

Now, as of 1st May 2010, Orange will be airing new spots created by Fallon London which will work as spoof film trailers of real blockbusters coming soon to cinemas; these adverts will relate to the classic ‘Gold Spots’ by returning to the theme “Don’t let a mobile ruin your movie”. The first of these spoof trailers will be a parody of the new A-Team movie released this summer by 20th Century Fox and will feature all the main cast members including Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper and Sharlto Copley [3]. The spoof-trailer will continue to comically show how the product placement Orange want to put into films is ruining them and alienating their main stars; a concept which has worked well in the past [4].

I believe this will be a positive step for Orange and will further affirm their passion for film and the film industry itself. Orange will continue to sponsor the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards and honour new acting talents with their Orange Rising Star Award which has been presented since 2006 [5]. However, I do feel a strange sadness at the thought of losing an exceptional piece of marketing which has become a key component of the British movie-going experience. Will this new change in direction with Fallon prove to be another success? One can only hope that the future will indeed be bright for Orange.



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