The Future of Advertising in Media Publications

Earlier today an article was released on The Guardia’s website which gave an insight into the future (1). Up until now, newspapers, magazines and other such publications have remained relatively 2D. Of course, we have online magazines that include the pseudo-realistic page turning option and clickable hyperlinks but that’s pretty much as far as it has gone. Until now.

The introduction of the iPad and other similar slate devices has forced publicists to bring their work into the 21st Century and into the third-dimension. Online US lifestyle magazine, VIVmag, have recently unveiled their plans for Apple’s new product. The idea is to have readers involve themselves more with the magazine articles so, instead of ‘flipping’ through the pages, readers watch as the story unfolds in front of them through the use of specially designed video footage. So, as opposed to using pictures in order to tell the story, we get films integrated with the text to do it for us.

Newspaper revenue seems to be in some form of crisis. As Thad Mcllroy states in his blog entitled ‘Future of Publishing’: “Newspapers, including online, saw ad revenue fall 26% during the year, which brings the total loss over the last three years to 43%” (2). Surely, then, the iPad and the promised new wave of digital marketing and communications that it will bring with it is just the saviour Newspaper publications need?

But will the actual written articles themselves become less important than the visual story being told and will readers just see the writing as ‘subtitles’ to a motion picture? Is this really the future of media publications and content?

Rupert Murdoch seems to think it so although he admits that “brands are where the money is” and that it needs advertising in order for it to work properly (3).

A common disadvantage for many advertisers is the lack of power they have over constraining consumers and forcing them to watch or read or explore their ad’s. In recent years, advertisers have delayed us watching videos on the internet by having ad’s play before our desired content. However, consumers can click on a different browser tab and explore another page while they wait for the advert to disappear, or, they can turn off the sound and simply walk away.

Currently, both articles and adverts in media publications seem to be on the same page, but with new technology will hopefully come different ways to interact with these adverts and consumers will subsequently have to find different ways of trying to ignore them if they choose to.

This, from an advertisers point of view, is an exciting prospect. Content can now be made to interact with consumers on an entirely different level. A personal one. Just like the apps and games they will be able to download for the iPad, consumers will be able to play with the advertising that is fed to them; it is this interaction which will allow brands to connect better with audiences. In fact, it will be the other way around. Audiences will be able to ‘touch’ their favourite brands.



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